Board of Directors



Board members present and constituting a quorum were: Jon Christoff-President, John

Vinlgless-Vice President, Treasurer-Kurt Rudland, Wes Rogers-Fundraising, Joe

Murgo-Marketing, Patrick Baney-GNCC Representative, and Kim Merritts-Secretary. 


Board Members absent: Scott Noel-Ice Manager.​ 

Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m.​   


Prior Meeting Minutes Approval:  The minutes from the last meeting were unanimously approved. 


President’s Report:  President, Jon Christoff and Treasurer, Kurt Rudland, attended a​  workshop on running a 501c3 organization.  Helpful tips were learned and shared with the board.  The Social Media position is now open. Filling this position will be explored at the end of the year meeting in April.  Also, at the annual meeting, discussion will be held regarding setting up committees to help grow the club and gain more exposure within the nonprofit community.  Board members are encouraged to begin thinking about ideas for the committees.   Also, at April’s meeting, more discussion will be held about seeking out sponsorships for houses and/or stones.  The club will be looking into getting some club members trained as Level 1 instructors.  This is a future goal.  The first few weeks of the upcoming spring league will focus on teams playing together that are attending upcoming bonspiels.   After the first few weeks, a set schedule is to be made so the club can have an end of the year tournament/bonspiel. 


Fundraising/Treasury Report:  Tickets will be dispersed for club members to sell for​     basketball mania and upcoming March Madness.  Fundraising chair, Wes Rogers, distributed envelopes of tickets to board members and club members will receive tickets to sell at the start of spring league.  There is still approximately $4,000 in club account, which does not include spring league fees.  Quick books may be considered to help with documentation and record keeping. 


Secretary Report:  A sign up sheet will be made up to track attendance at league​           nights and new curlers who attend more than once.  Those attending 3 or more times, will be asked to join the club and pay dues. 



Miscellaneous New Business Items:


  • New curlers will pay $30 to attend a drop in league night, per current fee schedule.  This will be reconsidered at the end of spring league. 

  • A club policy and procedure handbook is to be put together in the future. 

  • Discussion will be held in the future with Galactic Ice regarding signage for the club. Negotiation of Ice time fees will also be addressed at the end of the year board meeting. 

  • A learn to curl  series will be attempted for  August 2020.  This may include a Learn to Curl session combined with a 2 week introductory league. 

  • Discussion was held about club members completing profile sheets prior to the start of the fall league, so that each week, a different club member could be featured on the club website/facebook page. 

  • Discussion was held regarding having a round robin tournament with Penn State in the future. 

  • Discussion was held about looking into Blair County Chamber of Commerce cards for the club. 



Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:04 p.m. 

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