Rail City Curling Club

Board of Directors




Board members in attendance and constituting a quorum were:  Jon Christoff-President, John Vingless,

Vice President, Ice Manager-Scott Noel, Shane McBurney-Treasurer, Kim Merritts-Secretary


Board members absent:​  ​Joe Murgo-Marketing, Patrick Baney-GNCC Representative, Kelly

Christoff-Social Media, Wes Rogers-Fundraising

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m..

Prior Meeting Minutes Approval:  ​The minutes from past meetings were unanimously approved


President’s Report:  ​President, Jon Christoff, presented a brief overview of the meeting that was held with Hal from Galactic Ice on June 6, 2019.  Jon discussed the need to draft an agreement with Galactic Ice to keep introductory ice fees locked in for hopefully the next 2 years.  Ice fees would then go up at the end of 2021.  Proposals were made to include in the agreement the incremental increase in ice fees over time and the increase in fees to possibly be contingent on membership numbers.  Jon also reviewed the new ice maintenance regimen that is now to take place and Hals’ suggestion of trying just a dry cut to see how this works.  Jon reviewed that Hal is very willing to work with the club to help get it growing and promote it. 


Treasurer’s Report:  ​Treasurer, Shane McBurney, prepared a powerpoint summary of the 2018 fiscal year and proposals for the 2019 fiscal year, which starts September, 1, 2019.  Shane reviewed total revenues for 2018-2019 and total expenses. He provided suggestions for fundraisers, including restaurant nights, Charity Mania, and additional fundraisers with Generations Bakery for Thanksgiving and Easter.  A new dues structure was presented. This includes a 1 time membership fee that is good for exactly 1 year from registration date.  New dues structure also includes fees for learners and prospective members.  New members joining midseason will pay full membership dues and prorated league fees.  Any amounts paid previously will count towards  membership.  Exact figures to be forthcoming.  Finally, Shane presented information on ChedderUp as an option for member payments vs. PayPal. 


Social Media Director Report


Marketing Report


GNCC Liaison Report


Ice Manager Report


Miscellaneous New Business Items:  The Club’s fall league is to start tentatively on 9/7/19 and go​         through 10/19/19.  Winter league to tentatively go from 11/2/19 to 1/25/19.  Spring League will be tentatively 3/7/19 through 4/25/19.  The Club’s next LTC will tentatively be 8/24/19.  Another LTC is planned for 12/28/19.  President, Jon Christoff, is to go over scheduling with the arena.  There is a proposal to have  a restaurant fundraising night in mid September.   Fundraising Chair, Wes Rogers, is to look in to this.  Proposals were made to move forward with Charity Mania and Generations Bakery Fundraisers.  Arrangements to be made to set up a  business savings account for monies raised by fundraising.  There was a unanimous vote to move forward with getting a small games of chance license.  A year long license will cost $125.  There was a unanimous vote to approve the new dues structure.  A summer curling session is scheduled for 7/13/19 to take advantage of reduced ice fees.  There was a

unanimous vote to try using Cheddar Up for payment for this summer session to see how it interfaces with the club web page and how user friendly it would be.  8/17/19 was also proposed as another summer curling session.  A discussion was held about improving safety at LTCs, given injuries that occurred at the last LTC.  Proposal was made to try use of rubber bands to improve safety.  3 additional sliders are to be purchased, as well as 5 extra brooms.  Next year, broom pads will probably need replaced.  President, Jon Christoff, is to reach out to Hal at Galactic Ice and get more information about Sports Fest event in Lakemont Park.  Finally, amendments were made to bylaws.  Amendments were unanimously approved to present to club members.


Upcoming Events:  Summer curling session is to be scheduled for 7/13/19.  LTC to be set up for 8/24/19.​        


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.​ 

750 Park Ave.
Altoona, PA 16602

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