Rail City Curling Club Meeting Minutes


March 9, 2019


In Attendance:            Jon Christoff: President                      Scott Noel: Ice Management

John Vingless: Vice President Joe Murgo: Marketing Shane McBurney: Treasurer   Kim Merritts: Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 8:45 p.m. by club president, Jon Christoff.  The first matter discussed was planning ahead for future leagues and events following completion of current spring league.  Learn to Curl events are tentatively planned for May and August.  A fall league is planned followed by a winter league.  Summer is to currently be an “off” time, however, discussion was held regarding organization of random play nights for those who are interested. 


Dues structure was discussed.  Treasurer, Shane McBurney, proposed a dues structure that includes an annual membership fee and then a separate fee for each league.  Individuals that pay for an annual membership would have a reduced fee for league play.  The Club’s estimated operating costs are projected to be around $19,000 in the next year.  This takes into account possible increase in ice time rates with the arena.  The proposed dues structure would provide approximately $12,000 with need for fundraising to make up the difference.  Discussion was held regarding what to charge individuals who want to try curling for a night but are not a member, as well as a possible social membership.  However, there was a unanimous vote to table further discussion and adoption of dues structure until the next officers’ meeting. 


Various fundraising options were discussed.  Joe Murgo is to try to advertise the Club around Penn State Altoona.  The question was brought up if Penn State Altoona might be interested in a curling phys ed class.  Mt. Alloysius has reached out with some interest about the Club.  There is a possibility of having a Learn to Curl event with freshmen students.  Joe brought up that inviting media to Club events would help with publicity.  Joe also suggested involving the Club in the Altoona Blair County Development Corporation (ABCD).  The suggestion was made of working with local colleges and universities to promote intramural leagues.  Treasurer, Shane McBurney, suggested that the Club complete an application for the Downtown Altoona Business Community (DABC).  Club events could be featured on the DABC Facebook page and website which would help with publicity.  The was a unanimous vote to move forward with the $25 application fee to join the DABC.  Texas Roadhouse has expressed some interest in a curling event for staff.  Corporate events were discussed as a major fundraising opportunity.  There was a unanimous vote to charge corporations $1,000 for an event plus ice time costs.  Events would be capped at 32 people.  It was discussed that corporate events would run about 2 hours starting with some brief education and safety instruction, some brief basic instruction on throwing a stone, sweeping, etc., and then allowing the individuals to get into a game.  The suggestion was made for doing a press release for corporate events for publicity.  The suggestion was made to give members a credit for bringing in new members.  Suggestion was made to have gift certificates available to offer to other non-profit events for more exposure.  Suggestion was made for having youth events.  However, Club members working with youth would have to have appropriate clearances.  The ultimate goal is to begin hosting Bonspiels in 2020.  President, Jon Christoff, is going to look into having Club business cards made for exposure and publicity.

There was a unanimous vote to adopt the crossed railroad track logo as the Club’s official logo. 


There was a unanimous vote to table discussion and  adoption of the bylaws until the next officers’ meeting. 


Ice Manager, Scott Noel, is in contact with Dakota Curling Supplies regarding a quote on stones, as cost to rent the Club’s current stones will be increasing. 


The meeting was adjourned at 10:13 p.m. 

750 Park Ave.
Altoona, PA 16602


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