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Board of Directors



Board members present and constituting a quorum were: Jon Christoff-President, John

Vingless-Vice President, Treasurer-Kurt Rodland, Scott Noel-Ice Manager, Wes

Rogers-Fundraising, Joe Murgo-Marketing, Patrick Baney-GNCC Representative, and Kim Merritts-Secretary. 


Board Members absent:  ​Kelly Christoff-Social Media

Call to Order:  ​The meeting was called to order at 6:45 p.m.


Prior Meeting Minutes Approval:  ​The minutes from the last meeting were unanimously approved. 


Old Business: 

  • The fee for hosting  corporate events was revisited as was discussed in the meeting held on August 20, 2019.  There was a unanimous vote to reduce the corporate fee to

$500 plus ice time from previous fee of $1,000 plus ice time. 

  • Discussion was held that the club needs  to continue to work toward  purchasing stones.  This would eliminate rental payments and enable the club to lower membership dues and league fees.  By lowering dues and fee amounts, the club will be better able to promote its mission of growing the sport of curling by making participation and membership more affordable.  President, Jon Christoff, is to work on setting up a separate account for eventual purchasing of stones.  The goal is to try to purchase a set of stones by the start of fall league 2020.  President, Jon Christoff, is to inquire if one set of rental stones can be sent back at a time. 


Financial Report: 

  • RCCC currently has a total balance of $4,040.59.  This does not include monies raised from Generations Bakery fundraiser and winter league fees.  ● Currently, RCCC has funds to cover ice time and stone rental payments for Jan, April, and July.   The stone payments will be between $1,200-$1,250. 

  • A separate account is to be established for fundraising  monies with goal of purchasing stones. 


New Business:

  • Ice Manger, Scott Noel, had suggestion  of offering a Learn to Curl 3 pack at reduced fee of $60.00  GNCC Representative, Patrick Baney, also suggested a Friends and Family night for reduced fee of $20/person or $50/team.  This may be an opportunity for the summer. 

  • Suggestion was made to do a round robin tournament towards the end of the winter league

  • Motion was made to purchase a small games of chance license for 2020, which would be $125 for the year.  There was a unanimous vote to move forward with this. 

  • There was a unanimous vote to look into offering Learn to Curl gift certificates with the holiday season approaching.  Certificates could be redeemed for Learn to Curls in 2020. 

  • Secretary, Kim Merritts, presented information on upcoming community events to try to get exposure for the club.  There was a unanimous vote to get the club involved with the WinterFest parade in Hollidaysburg on Sunday, 11/24/19.  Joe Murgo, Marketing, is to inform the parade planners that RCCC will participate. 

  • Community organization-Everything Blair County-is willing to post about the club on Facebook. 

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.​ 

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